Remember that when you put your nft in the pool you will get CRYPTONIA20 tokens immediately.
The nft you put in the pool is no longer “yours” and other people can redeem or swap it.

Sell a NFT in the pool

NFT20 Floor price is indexed to the Uniswap pool price, so if you bought a NFT at a lower price than the floor price it can be interesting to sell it in the NFT20 pool.

When sold to the pool, you will always get 95 $CRYPTONIA20. You can hodl, buy an other NFT of the pool, or trade it on Uniswap like any other regular token

Hodl $CRYPTONIA20 (soon)

Hodl $CRYPTONIA20 token will give you access to special roles on Discord for special NFT lotteries & rewards. 

It will use for checking your Metamask wallet and will give you the role automatically. 

Legends of cryptonia

About the project

Legends Of Cryptonia Social #NFT meta-game experiment driven like a paper RPG

Legends Of Cryptonia is a parallel project of ARKE who is an actor of the NFT world since many months.
NFT creator
All the infos and new mints are published on the twitter of Legends Of Cryptonia.
Legends Of Cryptonia
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